[PetrouRalli8] Conviction of the 8 accused migrants of Petrou Ralli

The 8 migrants, known as Petrou Ralli 8, have been all been found gulity of violence against police and resisting police on 23rd of May in Athens. Seven have been convicted to 3 years and 1 month of prison on probation, one because the court said he had a weapon was convicted to 3 years and 2 month of prison on probation.

People observing the trial said it was a ridicolous showcase, as the policemen who were witnessing were caught in lies and imagination of “dangerous migrants”. The lawyers and the accused will go into revision. Until this happened, all are free, but are not allowed to leave the country.

What happened?

In Mai 2017 there has been a protest of imprisoned refugees in the detention prison Petrou Ralli in Athens. They demanded medical healthcare for a comrade in prison and protested against the conditions in prison. What happened was a brutal police attack against the imprisoned with many injured. 8 people were arrested because of their origin (Algerian) and accused. They have been brought to different prisons in whole Greece and threatened by many years of prison and loss of all right of protection by asylum.

More information can be found on the page of the Greek supporters from Unbuntu Wahhada in Thessaloniki.

Solidarity with the accused!