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Eviction of 2 refugee squats in Athens: Villa Zografou & the Hospital squat on Alkiviadou

The repression by the Greek state and police against self-organization and solidarity between people on the move and activists or just supporting people does not decrease at all. We can recognize the opposite – an aggravation of oppression, violence and criminalization of support and solidarity.

On the 13th of March, again two squats were evicted by the cops in Athens. One of them a refugee housing squat. The police entered the squats, Villa Zografou and the hospital squat at 5 am in the morning and arrested 200 people.

Here is a statement from the Khora Social Centre:

This morning at 5am, 2 squats in Athens, 1 housing refugees, were evicted by the police.
Around 200 people are currently being held in police stations, with no access to a lawyer. One person we are in contact with was told she doesn’t have the right to see a lawyer, telling her she “isn’t being detained, just ‘held back’ before being referred to a camp.”
Those with papers have been separated from those without papers, and we don’t yet know what will happen to them.
A policeman we spoke to outside the police station this morning admitted to following orders that he knows go against the refugees’ rights.

We will update this page as we find out more:

We stand in solidarity with those detained and in opposition to the continued refusal of the state to grant refugees their rights and allow them access to safe living conditions.

Khora Social Center

Repression, criminalization and the try to detain our visions of freedom and solidarity are present every where. But we will not give up to fight against this shit! but we will continue fighting for our rights, for our freedom and for our vision of a good life for every one!