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[Thessaloniki] About the eviction of the squatted house “Albatross”

We report an article of comrades from evicted albatross squat in Thessaloniki (8.4.2017):

In the morning of Wednesday the 5th of April, the police, led by an OPKE unit, evicted a house in Ano Poli, Thessaloniki. Under the threat of fire-weapons, 13 people were arrested and brought to the police station in Monastiriou.

The cops refused to let the arrested use their right to contact a lawyer and get translators for 5 hours.

9 people that came to in solidarity were also brought to the “megaron” and kept 3 hours for identity control. One of them now faces the charge of resistance after the pigs beat him up.


During the day, 2 people had to be transferred to the hospital : one with a severe head-wound after the treatment he received in the police station (the physical and psychological violence of the cops following him even in the walls of the hospital) ; the other because of his health, the pigs refusing for hours to take in consideration his signed appointment with a doctor for this precise day, and for hours refusing giving their prescribed medication to him and another person.

After 32 hours, only 12 people were set free before the trial, one being kept imprisoned for having no paper. He may stay in up to six month for this only, and is also accused, like the others, of both squatting and damaging private property. The asylum process in Greece is still so insufficient that thousands of people are not able to obtain a “legal status” and have therefore no possibilities to get access to accommodation or other forms of support. Living in a squat is often the only option they have.

Over the time, Albatros was a home for a lot of people. Their “nationalities” do not matter.

We live together, we fight together against the violent oppression of a society that wants us unequal and divided.

We fight racism by building free association based on affinity and common interest instead of the stupid categories that are “nations” “races” and “cultures.”

We fight the oppression of a police-state and its system of borders and papers ; we refuse its authority like any other kind of power. Albatross was not a squat formigrants opened by western europeans, the house was opened by people with and without a “legal” status in Greece. By creating a home and a community where there’s space for everyone who wants to be part of it, we want to show an alternative for this cage that has been created and that has to be kept up with guns and walls. We do not need and we do not want authorities to govern us, we organize ourselves, because we know and we can see every day that humans are very well capable of living without hierarchy.

We live and create together with people that have been stripped of their rights and that are refused a part in this society, because we believe that the only way of counteracting a system of closed borders and an always-growing militarization of society is if we are claiming back what they want to take from us: our voices, our dignity and our humanity.

We fight the property system that divides us between rich and poor by using the houses left empty when so many people live in the street. Property is not safety, it is violence.

This house was made suitable for living again without money, using material found in the streets and in the trash. We did this because we want to show that in this society people do not have to be poor (as we are told by our governments), but that on the contrary this system is creating tons of “trash” on the one side, while on the other side people are left to starve.

Without money, hierarchy or a “legal status”, a house left abandoned to fall in ruin was made into a home for free people willing to self-organize.

Albatros was an answer to the politically motivated evictions of three squats in the summer 2016 in Thessaloniki that left many without a roof.

The eviction of Albatros is also a political decision, considering the context of repression against squatting (and especially the “migrant squats”) and the fact it happened on the very next day after a protest about this precise topic, when the accusation of the “owners” apparently dates back to December.

Repression will not stop our struggle. You can take our house and you can try to deprive us from our liberty but you will not silence us from speaking out and struggling against fascism, racism and every kind of violence and injustice.

We call everyone interested to show support this Tuesday 11th of April at 12 at the courthouse of Thessaloniki.

No people without a house, no house without people

No house in the hands of the capitalists !

[Thessaloniki] New eviction // Greek government escalates

After the three evictions of Refugee squats in Thessaloniki last year  and of two homes in Athens three weeks ago the Greek state seems two make his words true two evict all squats and escalates situation further.

we are documenting the report of an activist.
Albatros squat was evicted yesterday. During the eviction, there were 13 arrests inside the house (activists from various countries and 5 migrants). 8 more activists gathered outside the building during the police raid and were brought by force to a police station but were released after 3 hours of checking their IDs. One of the arrested activists had to be carried to a hospital, because he was wounded during the eviction. All the arrested were freed earlier today, as the court could not provide translators. Their trial will take place on coming Tuesday,

Albatros was a privately owned house in the old town of Thessaloniki, that was squatted past autumn by internationals.

This is an image of Albatros squat, publishing in a local web site six days ago, in an article announcing coming evictions of squats.

Albatros was a rather small squat, mainly internationals were living there, but also a good number of migrants, especially the period after the eviction of Orfanotrofeio and the other squats in Thessaloniki, while the “refugee camps” around Thessaloniki were still full (during last July NoBorder Camp there were 27,000 migrants living in camps around Thessaloniki, now there are less than 3,000).

We call for your solidarity!

CityPlazaAthen: Regarding the rumors on the imminent evacuation of refugee squats and the escalation of the anti-refugee policy

Regarding the rumors on the imminent evacuation of refugee squats and
the escalation of the anti-refugee policy…/


It looks like the government attack against the refugee housing squats
is being escalated. Following the evacuation of the Thessaloniki squats
in the summer, the Alkiviadou refugee housing squat and Villa Zografou
were evacuated a few weeks ago. Following the statements by Minister of
Public Order Nikos Toskas last week, regarding the evacuation of refugee
housing squats, rumors and leaked information has been circulating,
setting the stage for a new round of attacks.
Instead of planning to close the refugee detention centers, end the
apartheid between the Greek mainland and the islands, and house trapped
refugees within cities in dignified housing conditions, the government
is ramping up measures against the trapped refugees, is preparing to
open more closed detention centers, mass deportations and, in order to
implement a “policy of deterrence”, is organizing a completely
authoritarian neoliberal programme against the trapped refugees, thereby
being a keen implementer of the EU-Turkey deal of shame.

We are certain that the planned attack against refugee housing squats is
part of exactly this anti=refugee and anti-migration policy. It is
neither an exception nor a diversion. It is completely logical that a
government policy that presents refugees as being an enemy within is now
adopting a policy of hostility to any example of dignified living and
housing. This is, of course, a continuation of the broader anti-grass
roots government policies.

As Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza, we are completely against
this racist policy, and we are unwilling to make a step back in the
struggle for dignity, social integration and equality, coexistence
between locals and foreign nationals, solidarity to all those fleeing
war and poverty, from Syria to Senegal and from Afghanistan to Morocco.
Over the course of one year, over 1500 refugees and hundreds of people
in solidarity, local and international, are organizing a model for
meeting fundamental human needs and a model for social self-organization
and multi-ethnic cohabitation. An abandoned hotel on Acharnon is a
center of struggle and solidarity at an international scale.

We demand nothing more than the free movement of people, dignified
living, the granting of asylum, equality and freedom for all the people
who fled their homes and arrived here. We accept nothing else.
We are here and we will remain here! Don’t even think about it…

Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza
Athens, April 3, 2017