Practical steps for anti-repression work

How can you support the campaign?

  • Share, support and spread this info and sign the call (if you or your group want to sign please send us an e-mail to!)
  • To raise public awerness: order flyers, stickers, posters (via the e-mail adress) or download and print them yourself and/or give a talk on the situation (and tell us about it). Think of other ways and share them!
  • Raise money for the financial support of our convicted friends*!
  • Organise solidarity parties, put up donation boxes, launch call outs and be creative. Thereby, you support the existing anti-repression structures and enable them to focus on legal support.
  • Find out about existing support structures in your political environment and try to set up a connection.
  • Are there persons concernd in your surroundings? Offer them your emotional support!
  • And above all: Occupy buildings, fight for the survival of your existing free spaces, inform yourself and go get organised!

*Account for donations:
Rote Hilfe e.V./ OG Hannover
IBAN: DE42 4306 0967 4007 2383 57
GLS Bank

Purpose: Cant evict Solidarity (The right purpose is very important to identify what your donations are for)

Get in touch if you have any questions (PGP-Key on demand):