[Moria35] Start of Trial against the Moria 35+2

Last friday, 20th of April, the trial against the 37 accused of the Moria35+2 case started on Chios (Greece). The accusation has been read and police wittnesses told their version of the story about the day of the police attack in Moria. The trial will continue on thursday, 26th of April, we exspect testimonies by the defendace.

For background information on the Moria35+2 case we can recommend the fgreshly released video on freethemoria35.wordpress.com.

Unfortunately we dont have so much capacities right now, but we will release a more detailled report on the trial the next days.

Furthermore there are a lot of updates and information to the ongoing trial at Legal Center Lesbos , on the Blog of the Camapaign FreeTheMoria35 and the Blog Musaferat Lesvos, where you find a report on the first day of the trial.

And we would like to remind you that on upcoming Friday, 27th of April 2018, the trial against the Petrou Ralli 8 will start in Athens (Greece). Its a case which has a  lot of parallels to the one against the Moria35+2. You can find more infos here.

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